Family rose


A lady sat at her little writing desk, took out a notebook. With tears in her eyes, she began to write;

You were the family rose, ever moving with the wind. We watched as you braved every step you had to take. With every breath we held, you plowed through the barriers in your wake.  You’ll always be our family rose and your footsteps will always be on our hearts.  Now, we have to go on without you, and We have to learn… that time will erase the pain, and love will heal our hearts.

Yet, in the wake of your departure, we’ll always say it was too soon. Nothing will erase the strength you gave us. We’ll always remember your smile, and the courage you have shown throughout the years. We love you and we’ll always remember our family rose.

She took the paper out of the notebook, and filed it in a file with some newspaper clippings. She closed the file, set it inside the drawer of her desk. The lady walked out of the room, her eyes shining with tears.

Can we say we need sleep?

Barely slept in a few days, it’s crazy..  but that seems to be changing now..used to be lucky to get 5 hours sleep.. now I’m lucky if I get less than 7, geez.. my sleep clock is wacked out.

Margaret the cat passed away September 20th. I’ll have to get a picture from my sister to post here.  I’m working on ramon’s plight.. but this last month has not been good. So i’m taking my time.

Christmas is coming soon.. Lets hope I have the energy to buy gifts for family and friends. Because right now, I doubt I even have an iota of it.

Ok, will post a better post in the next week… right now I feel like I have the equivalent of a “brain fart”. Yeah, you can laugh at me.


September is not my best month, I freely admit that. Irene hit and we had no power for 5 days. There were a lot of tree branches on our property and one of our awnings fell off the house.  That was not fun. Then The day after we get power back, we find out my Aunt Diane is in the hospital. This was Friday, September 2nd.  We spent most of the weekend in the hospital near her or by her side. Diane sadly passed on Tuesday September 6th.  We had a wonderful funeral for her on September 10th.

September 13th, I had to go to the dentist for oral extractions. This caused me to be off my normal diet for 4 days. It really was not much fun. So my writing has taken a back seat  to life’s drama.

Top it all off, Tomorrow I will be going to Portland to see my sister, who has a gorgeous cat named Margaret. There’s a very strong possibility we will lose Margaret tomorrow. Margaret has been in renal failure for a while so I am sure my sister knew this was a possilbilty.  I will be strong for her, because I love my sister.

Hurricane Irene

As of this posting, Hurricane Irene is on it’s projected path along the east coast.  Being an East Coaster and a Mainer, I am worried about family and friends that I love. Right now, Watching the news, Seems Brooklyn NY will get the worst of it. but you never know with hurricanes.  All i wish for is the people in my life that I cherish most to be safe.

everyone is buying out flashlights, batteries and water for a “just in case” scenario. But I honestly think we will get hit.  it’s just a matter of when. And how can we  prepare when have no idea what’s going to happen.  Honestly, I think having canned goods, batteries, water, flashlights, first aid kits, and whatever you need is essential.

We just have to prepare as best we can, expect the worst, and hope for the best.

Ever onward.

There comes a time in the process of your writing where you feel your inspiration slowing. After Months of writing, you get a few days or weeks where nothing comes to mind. Everyone has their own way of getting out of this “writer’s block” or the writer’s wall, as I like to think of it.

So to paraphrase, I’m stuck like glue. I have no path forward right now.  At this moment, I’ve got the heroes landing on a planet.. but I have to create a dramatic arch… and I have no arches I can concieveably bring into the story.. at least.. not that I can think of… Any ideas?




The saga of Ramon’s Plight Continues.

Ok, here we are again. Plugging away at Ramon’s plight. Working on Chapters 2 through 5..  I have to wonder sometimes if I’m not totally crazy to write a book. But I’ll keep plugging through this. If i only could figure where I put my star wars dvds. Those serve a lot of inspiration to this story and it’s something sorely needed at times.

Chapter one was basically an action chapter, introducing characters and going all hell on leather, if you pardon my french. Chapter Two may be a more sedate pace, more talking and exposition. But my sister did give me new ideas for this chapter so I may be adding new themes, taking out characters who don’t add to the story. It also means a chapter one rewrite, but that’s alright. I can deal with that.

Rewrites are what gives a story its pace, its meat. I know readers like to have the meat of the story without the  potatoes clogging up the works. Oh geez, I just compared a story to FOOD!!!



One down, don’t know how many more to go.

Ok, so chapter one of Ramon’s Plight is complete. Moving on to chapter two.  Giving myself  two months per chapter seems to keep me focused and working. Once I finish the final chapter, however many that is.. I will be going back for a second edit. I usually edit each chapter after I finish it, then I put it aside.  Hopefully this book will come out the way I intend. But writing is an organic I never know.

On the home front, our five dogs are fine.. our chickens are growing, life is crazy. I am in school for writing and editing. So I’m just going as far as I can.   Some friends, they know who they are, say i need pictures.. Well, I’ll have to get some good pictures… so we will see.

A few things on my mind

So I’m currently working on a story I’ve tentatively entitled Ramon’s Plight.  It’s going well, and I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from star wars, but I’ve gone a different direction I guess would be the way to put it. I am enjoying the writing of this  story.  Chapter one is near completion, which i see as a good sign.

On the working front, I’ve been offered a publishing contract for a story I wrote I turned it down. The contract was not what I wanted, so I decided it would be in my best interest to back out before I signed myself into something I could not get myself out of.  While I am very interested in being a published author, I feel I have to read the contract and be comfortable with the company I choose to publish my story.

Now I am going to see if I can finish Ramon’s Plight Chapter 1 before the end of May.  That leaves me 6 More days. Oh fun.


Hello and welcome.

Hello, welcome to my site and my blog.

I’m Anjellica. but people know me as Angie or Angel.. Some even know me as Annie.

I live in the country, I deal with dogs, chickens and life’s idiosyncrasies.

I write as I feel, in thoughts, in poems or even in a story. Please, Join the fun.