The saga of Ramon’s Plight Continues.

Ok, here we are again. Plugging away at Ramon’s plight. Working on Chapters 2 through 5..  I have to wonder sometimes if I’m not totally crazy to write a book. But I’ll keep plugging through this. If i only could figure where I put my star wars dvds. Those serve a lot of inspiration to this story and it’s something sorely needed at times.

Chapter one was basically an action chapter, introducing characters and going all hell on leather, if you pardon my french. Chapter Two may be a more sedate pace, more talking and exposition. But my sister did give me new ideas for this chapter so I may be adding new themes, taking out characters who don’t add to the story. It also means a chapter one rewrite, but that’s alright. I can deal with that.

Rewrites are what gives a story its pace, its meat. I know readers like to have the meat of the story without the  potatoes clogging up the works. Oh geez, I just compared a story to FOOD!!!



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