Too much insanity since my last post..

Two of our dogs passed about 5 weeks apart. Both had health issues that were impacting their quality of life, so we let them go. It’s been hard on us, but we’re surviving.

I am writing and enjoying myself, however I do have to focus. Thankfully I have been extremely focused on it. Will post more when I can, but for now, sorry dear readers.

Good Morning.

Just checking in, not much going on thse days, so…

Caught a cold, feel like i’m going to burst.

So good night, sweet playfellows.

Long Time No write!

Ok, so I’ve neglected this for a long time. Sorry. I just spent the last hour cleaning up this and clearing out comments therefore comments are closed.

I’ll start posting some other writings I’ve been working on. Maybe that will keep me from neglecting this site.

Love to readers. Will post a longer post when I’m not half asleep!


The Author.

Writing Fanfiction

Ok, I’ve now started writing some fan fiction.

I need a change of scenery since my personal writing is suffering a lack of inspiration, so we’ll see how this goes.


In life we hear many quotes, and it seems more often than not, we ignore these quotes because we don’t want to deal, or don’t have time. ect ect.

Have we ever thought about instead of ignoring, acting on those quotes you hear.. you may find yourself planning something you never dreamed you would do.

Think about it.

New year, new book

It’s a new year, and i’m working on a new book. the title is tentatively written as Quest of the Fourteen Kingdoms, and it is more my style of storytelling than anything I’ve written before. I love writing this book and hoping to have it done within the next 3 months so I can start shopping it around. currently i’m in the second rewrite of the book.

We lost miss Abby, our 13 year old collie, on January 4th, 2013. This was the hardest thing we went through and We haven’t come out of that sadness yet. I hope she’s happy and peaceful wherever her spirit went. And I hope she knows she is loved by everyone here.

Other than that, not much going on. it is what it is.

It’s all in the writing

We sit here calmly, we write out all we need to work on, and it becomes a constant need to write. Our little minds work hard so we don’t have to. We know we will keep going, our story will get done. But with every word we type, we wonder how the story will end, or begin.  Some days, you just have to write, others you have to dream of the story. It can be crazy, it can be thrilling. But we just keep writing like there is no tomorrow. It’s all in the dreams we have, the words that flow from mind to hand. Some days, it may seem like we are never alone in our thoughts as we type out the story we want to say.

With every breath we take, the story changes. The new words come out, bringing more of the story to life than we are aware of. Can we keep going when all else seems impossible. If each word creates more of the story, shouldn’t the story change the more words you add to it? Shouldn’t the changes we make be unique to the story that is forming?

Some stories are new to us, some are old as time. The days of childhood fantasies are not quite over, as long as there are writers to write, and dreamers to dream up the stories we wish to tell.

In every story we write, in every tale we tell, there is a chance we will change ourselves as much as we change the characters we write about. Just look to childhood fantasies and new dreams that appear on the horizon. Every story has a path, every dream has a goal.

Dream your wildest dreams, tell your best tales. What’s old will be young again.



When you’re working so hard on all you have before you, sometimes time can get away from you and you forget to take it, smell the roses, play with your dogs or do anything that does not involve the work you’re doing, you can lose sense of priorities. I did that today, and I’m not exactly thrilled with myself at the moment.

How bad was I today? Well, let’s see.. I forgot to walk the dogs, gather the eggs from our chickens, check the mail, do any housework I’m known for doing.  I basically let everything slide today.

But, I know tomorrow is another day and I will get more done but today, I am going to take a little time to say hello, talk to a friend, play with one of my dogs, and enjoy the day when I have just spent 8 hours working or researching.  Tomorrow, I will be enjoying the day, playing with dogs, and doing everything I let slide today.  If I may say so, sometimes the best times are those you spend with loved ones. But at the same time, you have to get your work done. Be it professional or personal.

Take a day, smell the roses, spend time with family and friends. You’ll be grateful you did.



Thanks to a friend,  I just realized i have not updated in a while.  Had a lot going on. Family member had to have surgery, then I had to take care of them for a while. Now, I’m ready to get back to writing and enjoying myself once more. Hopefully I’ll remember to update more often heh.

Thanksgiving was spent with family which included my younger sister, and I really appreciated having the time with her, since I see her so rarely these days. I have to say I love my sister, and appreciate her a lot.

Christmas with my family is always interesting.. we spend a lot of time just hanging out, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. And I’m grateful my parents bought me the Kindle touch, which will be much used.  Tonight I’m thinking ahead to the new year. I’ve taken December off of writing to relax and enjoy the time I have with family. So the new year ought to be a fun time for me.

Currently I’m reading The Secret Garden on Kindle, and a book on Astrology. I have an interest in the stars and horoscopes, so this is a way for me to inspire my natural creativity.

I wish everyone a blessed holiday season, and whatever you celebrate this time of year, I hope you enjoy your holiday and I hope your new year is brighter.

Lots of Love.

You Drive Me Crazy

“Good morning, dear.  It’s a wonderful day, so get out of bed. There is so much to do and see. Won’t you join me for a cup of coffee on the porch. Come on, dear. It’s good for you to be in the sunshine.” Jacob heard in the morning.

“We’ll go play with the animals, we’ll enjoy our golden years. Come on, Dear, it’s a gorgeous time. The children are grown and gone. It’s just you, me and the animals now. Please, come join me in the sun.” Jacob heard at noon.

“Dear, I don’t know how else to say this. All I do is try to encourage you, try to motivate you. Even a walk in the woods doesn’t motivate you anymore. What is your problem these days? ” Jacob heard in the afternoon.

“Dear, are you alright?  I’m going to make dinner, I’ll be back soon.” Jacob heard at sunset.

When they went to bed, Jacob turned Marie and said, ” Dear, you nag me in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon and at sunset every single day! I have to be honest,  I stay quiet all day because…. You Drive Me Crazy!!”